Mix, monitor, record and live stream complex productions with a single piece of gear. Available with either 8, 12 or 20 inputs, our LiveTrak series mixers/recorders give you complete control over your podcast or music productions. What previously took a full rack of gear, can now be done with a L-Series board. Zoom’s R-Series of multi-track recorders combine multiple audio production tools into one compact device. Use as a Recorder, Interface, Controller, or Sampler, R-Series Multitrack Recorders are great at home or on the road.

About digital mixers and multitrack recorders

ZOOM LiveTrak L20

Digital mixers are the digital counterpart to an analogue mixer. However, as the name suggests, the signal processing and mixing process is done digitally in digital mixers. The advantage of digital mixers is their immense flexibility, more compact dimensions, wider range of applications and, in many cases, better features, as they usually have integrated functions that would otherwise require additional equipment in analogue mixers. Our LiveTrak Series of digital mixers are designed specifically for musicians and content creators and are very easy to operate using physical faders, dials and buttons, rather than complicated software menus like other digital mixers. What’s more, all LiveTrak Series mixers have an integrated digital multitrack recorder, so that each individual channel, as well as the stereo mix from all channels, can be recorded to an SD card. Digital mixers such as our LiveTrak L-8, LiveTrak L-12, LiveTrak L-20 and LiveTrak L-20R also feature a built-in effects unit as well as compressors, equalizers and filters for each channel, and can also be used as a multi-channel USB audio interface.

Multitrack recorders are digital audio recorders that can record and play back multiple audio tracks simultaneously. Whereas in the past recording was done on analogue tapes, today it is done digitally on SD cards, like in our Handy Recorders. However, the Zoom R-Series units are not just pure audio recorders, but complete all-in-one compact studios that offer everything you need for music productions. Our multi-track compact studios all have built-in microphone preamps, multiple audio tracks, multiple inputs, integrated effects such as reverb, delay and chorus as well as equalizers, compressors and much more. In addition, the R8 Multi-Track Recorder, R24 Multi-Track Recorder and R20 Multi-Track Recorder offer the possibility to make overdub recordings like in a real recording studio. You can also edit and arrange the recorded audio material in the unit and thus create a finished stereo mix. For those who prefer to work with a computer, the R-Series recorders can simply be connected via USB and used as an audio interface.